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NCRD 2014

3rd Nordic Conference on Rare Diseases

Thank you for participating the conference. Looking forward to seeing you in Denmark 2006.





Welcome to NCRD 2014!

NCRD 2014 will be the 3rd Nordic conference focusing on the rare diseases and current topics related to them. NCRD 2014 introduces for example the national plans or strategies for rare diseases made in Nordic countries, touching the implementation of the plans and the experiences gained so far. The conference offers an excellent opportunity to network and to support the exchange of best practices throughout the Nordic countries. Joint action helps patients and professionals share expertise and information across borders.

Join us to make NCRD 2014 a success!


Robert Hejdenberg Kristina Franck
Robert Hejdenberg Kristina Franck

Managing Director, Ågrenska, National Competence Centre for Rare Diseases

Chair of the Rarelink Steering Group         
The Nordic Rarelink Group     

Coordinator, Norio Centre, Rinnekoti Foundation, the Finnish Network for Rare Diseases

Chair of the Local Organising Committee
The Finnish Network for Rare Diseases


 The NCRD 2014 conference is organised by the Finnish Network for Rare Diseases and the Nordic Rarelink Group together with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in Finland.

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